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My First Cake!

For my Birthday I was fortunate enough to get some gift certificates as well as books and supplies for the Wilton cake decorating class as JoAnn Fabrics! Tonight was the second class and we had to decorate a cake!! Here’s how it looked when I started…


Here is the second stage, all filled in…


And here is the final product!!


I must say it was as delicious to make as it was to eat! I was impressed with how easy it was. It did take 1 hour to complete, but it was well worth it!! For my first try I think it came out looking ok!! Here’s one last pic of the detail from Derek’s camera, not my cell phone in the middle of class!! 😉


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  1. Unfortunately it’s all ready been eaten! 🙁 However I have two more weeks of classes and that means two more cakes!! YAY CAKE!! 🙂

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