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The Punaro “Poppyseed”

So about five weeks ago while on a mini vacation with Ariella I got the feeling I might be pregnant. Three home pregnancy tests, and two blood tests later it was determined without a shadow of a doubt that I was indeed pregnant for the third time! Derek and I decided to call this one ‘Poppyseed’ because that is how big ‘it’ was when we found out. Ariella was ‘Dot’ if you remember! We kept things as hush-hush as possible to get through those first few weeks, and made the big announcement at our 4th of July party.

I am currently at eight weeks along and feeling sick as a dog again. Wish I could say differently, but it’s just not the case! So far, both our Birthdays have been dialed down to bare minimum, and housework and potty training have been neglected more than ever. It has now been four weeks of feeling nauseous and I am beginning to lose my mind.

However, I am very lucky in the fact that I have the most wonderful Husband on the planet. He has truly taken over most of my duties when I am too ill to do them myself. This would be – dinner, dishes, some laundry, many baby duties, and gently rubbing my back to help me go to sleep as well. All this after working a full day, driving 40 minutes each way and having his own work to accomplish at home. Which he has also been getting done. I cannot say enough about this man I Married and how much I appreciate his caring for us during this first trimester!

I keep telling myself that there are only four more weeks to go until the second trimester. But do you know how long off that seems right now? Keeping myself focused is becoming more and more difficult with feeling worse each day, but Ariella is helping with that. We have been watching far too much TV for my liking lately also. It is usually HGTV or Food Network when it’s not Sesame Street, but still I HATE doing that. She’ll tell me, “Turn it off, Mama!” when she gets bored with my shows though, so I guess that is a good thing! She would rather be outside. Thank GOD for that!

So I guess to sum up I should say, here’s to the next four weeks – may it go by quickly, and without too much fuss. I am ready to be excited for this new baby’s arrival finally!!

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