That’s Life

I am laughing tonight at all the times people have told me how much our lives will change with the baby. When they say that we’ll never be able to plan anything again because you never know what will happen, and you’ll never be on time again. Honestly, I think that is just life, not that it won’t be compounded by a baby, but life nonetheless.

Here’s tonight’s story…..

While getting ready to settle in for the night and watch a little DVR, I hear a crash from upstairs. Derek’s glass of pop just temporarily suctioned itself to the glass coaster it was resting on and then let’s go unexpectedly. On his newly laid wood floor in his office. Good news? It wasn’t the glass of pop itself. Bad news? There is glass in all the little nooks and crannies of the newly laid hardwood floor.

Begin the search for the broom and dustpan, which takes me into the garage (letting kitty out) and then the basement. It is of course laying underneath our shelves with all our extra baggies are stored. (If anyone doesn’t know, it is not easy to bend over when pregnant. If you want to know what I mean, take a child’s soft kickball, place on abdomen, bend over and see how far you get.) While down there I ask Derek is he has cleaned out the cat box lately. He hasn’t. No wonder why kitty always wants out in the garage!

So while Derek takes care of that lovely job, I come back upstairs to clean up the mess. The big parts come up easily, but there are still little shards of shiny glass everywhere. I go get the Dirt Devil. A very handy product for just this type of job (and stairs and bugs too!). Turning it on, I attempt to get all those little pieces that are everywhere only to realize that nothing is coming up. I look at the dump tray and it is chock full of nasty looking stuff, some of which I am sure was corn meal and I’m not sure I remember why….. I empty the bag and see that the filter REALLY needs to be changed so I traipse (actually waddle would be a better word for it nowadays, and if any of you were wondering it is not that easy to climb up and down stairs while pregnant either. We have about 20 some odd stairs from upstairs to down in this house and this was the fourth trip) back to the basement to see if we have another filter. We do not. Hopefully the vacuum will work. It does, the glass is gone and I feel like blogging about the whole thing.

Lucky you! 🙂

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