Returning Home – Return to the Labyrinth

Disclaimer: I obviously do not own any of the characters that appeared in the movie ‘Labyrinth’. Those who have not seen the movie, should rent it before reading for the full effect. You who have will know my characters from others. I will post a portion of the story every few days or so, but if you want to rad all 8 chapters so far, see http://www.fanfiction.net/~neonmoonlight .






Looking back on it now, everything made sense. Hindsight was always 20/20, but she felt moronic not to have seen it earlier. Yet, how could she have? She had been made to forget, the truth hidden from her so well that even the worlds best psychiatrists would have never found it with years of hypnosis. Magic was like that. It had a way of keeping itself out of the way if it needed to be.

Sarah leaned in closer to the window seat she was currently occupying and took a deep breath of the sweet fragrant air coming in through the open window. Everything was green again, making the view from her window look more like a painting than reality. It all made sense to her now that she could see clearly again and she knew in her heart that she was finally and truly home.



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  1. I like your style. Whre is the rest of the story? A writer must write something every day in order to keep the mind working on future ideas. Love you.
    Looking for Christmas list ideas. Wish I could find my blog.

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