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Dear Donn

If you’re going to make quotes like, “San Antonio doesn’t have a strip mall next to the Alamo” on the assumption that nobody in Buffalo has ever been to San Antonio, you should realize you’re going to get called on it. You know what The Alamo has around it? A mall, some chain restaurants, and a lot of parking lots. They kept the block the Alamo was on, and it was progress everywhere else.

The Alamo Overview

You know what the other difference is between our “Central Wharf” and The Alamo and the Old North Church? The latter were there to preserve, and are single buildings that were saved while the rest of the space around them continued to change over time. We have some piles of dirt and rubble that we can clear out of the way and reconstruct something better.

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  1. I was just in San Antonio last Sunday – Saturday for a test for work. The weather was great, loved the River Walk, and yep, the Alamo is right there in the middle of the restaurants, hotels, and malls galore.

  2. That is absolutely hilarious, Derek. I hope that Donn’s got a good reply to this one… 🙂

  3. If Ozzy Ozbourne pissed on our “Central Wharf”, no one would notice.

  4. If Ozzy Ozbourne pissed on our “Central Wharf”, no one would notice.

    At this point, if Ozzy pissed on the Central Wharf, it would be an improvement.

    San Antonio hit it big with the Riverwalk. They took something like Scajacaquda
    Creek and turned it into an attraction bigger than the Alamo. I was there
    in 01 and it was booming.

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