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Buffalo ReUse upcoming press conference

March 27, 2007

Michael Gainer
Executive Director, Buffalo ReUse
Email: info@BuffaloReUse.org
Web: www.BuffaloReUse.org
BUFFALO RE-USE: Preparing for Start-Up!
Local organization creates momentum for recycling and reuse.

On Saturday, March 31st at 10:00 a.m., Buffalo ReUse, a new community organization focused on building deconstruction and material reuse, will be holding a press conference at the Central Terminal, located at 495 Paderewski Drive, Buffalo, to announce several new developments that will support the start-up of the new not-for profit. Michael Gainer, founding director of Buffalo ReUse commented, “We’ve been talking about this idea for a while now and I know we’re all really excited to get to work.”

At the press conference, Buffalo ReUse will be unveiling their new logo and recognizing the winning artist who designed the logo for the Buffalo ReUse Logo Contest. In addition, there will be an announcement of new funding obtained from local foundations and New York State’s Environmental Investment Program. At the end of the press conference volunteers will depart from the Central Terminal to salvage their first building materials, marking the initiation of reuse field services in Buffalo.

Building deconstruction is the careful disassembly of a building in the opposite order that it was originally constructed. Buffalo ReUse was established in 2006 to develop a community-minded alternative to the industry standard practice of demolition. Whitney Crispell, Chief of Staff for Erie County Legislator Maria Whyte and Buffalo ReUse Board Member commented, “At Maria’s office we get regular phone calls from residents who want unsightly, abandoned homes removed from their neighborhood. It’s great to see an organization like Buffalo ReUse take on this issue and make plans to preserve resources for the community.”

The vision of Buffalo ReUse is to divert reusable building materials from the landfill and offer those materials at a low cost to the community to assist homeowners in making renovations to existing homes. Housing Court liaison and Buffalo ReUse Board Member Michele Johnson commented, “The work of Buffalo ReUse is going to create a lot of opportunity in my community in the Fillmore District. I’m watching as houses are torn down everyday and materials that could be used to fix up other houses are carelessly destroyed and buried.” In addition, Buffalo ReUse intends to work with community organizations and block clubs to develop new assets such as community gardens and parks. Ultimately, they intend to use the practice of deconstruction as a vehicle for job training for young people.

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  1. Still alive, Dan! I’ve been focusing on getting the new site for the Central Terminal ready. Hope to launch in a couple weeks.

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