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2006-2007 Winter Skyway Closings

Speaking of the Skyway… since winter has officially ended, let’s tally up Skyway closings. We had an early unprecedented storm in October that resulted in widespread driving bans, yet no official Skyway closings. We had another late start to winter, but then had a pounding of snow and frigid temperatures. For the second year in a row, I was not rerouted once on my way to or from work. I was quite comfortable saying that the Skyway wasn’t closed at all this year, until LC Scotty mentioned that he saw one closing.

At 10pm on a Saturday night, I think it’s fair to say that it had a minimal impact on anyone’s life, but I’m happy to count it. There you have it, Buffalo. One whopping Skyway closing in two years. I hope they actually test the yellow lights on those “Skyway closed” signs every once in awhile. They might need to use them one of these years.

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