Punaro.com v5 launched!

Welcome to the latest version of Punaro.com! As you can see, the site has gotton a bit of a face lift, just in time for 2006! Actually, while the front-end changes are what most people will notice right off the bat, the real work in this revision were the changes to the backend. Punaro.com is now running off of the WordPress blogging engine, so for those that peruse blogs on a regular basis, this site should have a somewhat familiar feel. I’ve spent a fair amount of time customizing the basic WordPress theme to keep the look similar to the old Punaro.com site.

At the moment most of the old content has been ported over to the new site. There are updates to many of the pages listed in the navigation box on the right, including (of course) the History page. The static pages on this site will have a decidedly different feel to them than they did on the old site, but they definitely are easier for Amanda and I to maintain.

One of the benefits of migrating the site to the WordPress engine is that it’s now finally cross-browser compatible, which I find very important since I now use Firefox as my primary browser. The site won’t look identical in both browsers, but it is intended to be equally functional in both.

Another advantage of WordPress is that you can now post comments to any of the posts that Amanda or I write. Please use this liberally, because it lets us know that someone out there is reading this site and that we’re not just talking to ourselves. Not that we mind, really, but it does add some justification that we’re not insane. Please note that all comments are automatically scanned for spam and may be held for moderation if the filters don’t like something you say. Nothing personal, I assure you.

Please drop us a comment and let us know how you like the site, or if you find any bugs. I’m still playing around with various aspects of the site, so things will likely change frequently over the next month or so. In the meantime, enjoy, and have a Happy New Year!

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