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Another reason to keep the Skyway

No, it’s not because Mary Kunz Goldman said it’s the best feature of Buffalo’s waterfront, although that was a surprise to read. It’s that yet another of the oft-repeated reasons to tear it down is about to be disproven. We’ve heard before that Buffalo doesn’t have the shipping traffic it once had, so we don’t need a bridge that high anymore. But today’s
Business First of Buffalo says that the grain mills be a-comin’ back!

In the course of discussions about its own feed corn procurement needs for ethanol production, RiverWright started talks with grain industry leaders to gauge interest in coming to Buffalo to partner, invest in the grain storage and handling business, and to rebuild and restore the elevators and the marine and rail infrastructure that feeds them.

Those discussions led to the deal, signed Tuesday, to purchase the Lake & Rail elevator and invest in further improvements of the elevator and surrounding infrastructure.

A reuse of grain elevators (for their original purpose, no less)? Increased rail and shipping? More industry in Buffalo? Somebody better put a stop to all this insanity soon. There’s probably an endangered fungus on the shoreline that needs protecting or something.

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