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A double whammy of Democrat despicableness

I’m not one to blindly bash a particular party, as we all know they both have their faults, but today served up a double helping of that which makes partisan politics disgusting.

First up… Erie County Democratic Party Chairman Len Lenihan. Listen to this WBEN interview with the Dem chief doing everything he can to deflect well-deserved criticism of convicted tax fraud and County Legislator George Holt. It’s one of the lamest and most disgusting attempts to protect a fellow party politician that I think I’ve ever heard.

Let’s face it – maybe the law doesn’t require George Holt to step down, but that’s a flaw in the law. The fact that a person with direct influence on the tax rate of this area commits tax fraud by not paying his own taxes multiple times most certainly is related to his public duties. The fact that Lenihan and Holt can both figuratively look the public in the eye and say otherwise is representative of what disgusts the public with politics.

Number two on the shit list is the Hamburg Town Board’s vote to eliminate the Deputy Supervisor position after Republican Town Supervisor Stephen Walters decided to not reappoint one of the four sitting Democratic Town Board members to the job. Walters decided to appoint former town police captain Tom Best to the job. Best is a registered Conservative.

Of course, the four Democrats that make up the board claim that partisan politics was not the issue. They just feel strongly that the person in that position shouldn’t be someone who isn’t elected to it. Nevermind that the position has never been an elected position. I’m sure Len Lenihan would oppose his fellow Democrats in this debate, since he’s so adamant about only doing what the law states.

No, I’m sure it wasn’t a political decision at all. Just read this quote by Councilman Tom Quatrioche Jr.:

“In the future, if the supervisor would like to appoint a fellow board member, Republican or Democrat, I would reconsider reinstating the position.”

Easy to say when there are no Democrats on the board to appoint.

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  1. pol·i·ti·cian (pŏl’Ä­-tÄ­sh’É™n) pronunciation

    One who seeks personal or partisan gain, often by scheming and maneuvering: “Mothers may still want their favorite sons to grow up to be President, but . . . they do not want them to become politicians in the process” (John F. Kennedy).

  2. Derek…


    It truly is a sad state of affairs when what is right and wrong takes a backseat to partisan politics…

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