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Little Fantasies

Derek and I had a long discussion about writing Saturday morning, over chocolate chip pancakes and western omelets at the Pancake House. I was trying to explain why I felt so strongly about writing FanFiction and he in turn was explaining why he wrote the blog.

In a way, we both feel the same way about each. Passionate, and vulnerable. When Derek blogs, he discusses things that are current and inside reality. When I write, I am writing fiction, things that have never, nor will ever happen in reality. Therefore I feel that I take a chance at being looked at as a fool for spending so much time inside my stories. It won’t change anything, or make people want to become involved in something. But I enjoy it.

It’s not that I am not up on current events around Buffalo and it’s suburbs. How can I not be? I am Married to a devoted blogger. 🙂 I just love being able to take something that I enjoy and making it my own, where anything can happen, and will happen as I want it to.

So it is my pleasure, while holding my breath and trying to type with trembling hands, that I give to you the first 2 installments of my story. At Derek’s request, actually. 🙂

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  1. I get the fanfic impulse, having written some Star Wars fanfic back in the day, but have you ever thought about writing something in your own setting and with your own characters?

  2. I have tried a few times. But I guess it is the same hangups as with the FanFic. I need to be in the “zone” and have some ideas about what is going to happen. I am a person who has to see it in my head first, I can’t just sit down and start writing. There are some stories I should revisit and refresh myself on that are my own so those ideas can get moving!

  3. Well, there’s no real reason why you have to sit down and start writing. Start with character sketches or maps of a world or something similar, something to get the creative juices stirring!

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