Best of the Southtowns

Now here’s something I haven’t done in a long time!

This week it is the Mansard Inn! It sits behind (or in front of depending on where you are) the railroad tracks that cross Abbott Rd. It is only about 2 minutes from our house, yet we had never been there until Friday night! We had a bit of a celebratory dinner with my first pay check and all.

Very very good food! Our waitress’s name was Chrissy and she was just a phenominal person! We are definitely going to ask for her again when we go next time. Anyway, she suggested some things for us and everything was mouth-wateringly awesome! They bring you a basket of bread and crackers and THEN a selection of freshly baked (still hot) muffins! The corn bread and lemon poppyseed were incredible!

Derek feasted on a pineapple curry tilapia with greek potatos. He finished everything on his plate. I had the stuffed lobster tail with rice pilaf and finished everything edible on my plate. The portions were perfect. For dessert, Derek had a peach melba sundae which he finished before I could try any and I had the rice pudding. Just like Mom used to make. 🙂

Definitely a good choice for dinner if you are looking for a bit more upscale place without giving up comfort or good sized portions! Enjoy!!

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  1. I actually used to be a waitress at the Mansard during college! I’ve always loved their food – I would have to restrain myself from not spending my whole paycheck ordering dinners to take home! My family still goes there for birthday celebrations and the like. My favorites are the Turkey Jerome and their famous Chicken Almondine. And working there totally got me hooked in rice pudding. Glad you liked it there!

  2. My fiancee’s parents LOVE that place! We actually bought her father a $70 gift certificate for his 70th birthday (get it, 70 years = 70 dollars) last month. They enjoy the atmosphere, the drinks and of course the food. And I have heard very good things about the rice pudding.

    Sadly, I’ve never eaten there despite the fact I’ve drove by it literally hundreds of times. It’s on the “to do list” for a future dining experience in the Southtowns for sometime this fall.

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