Focusing on the Good Things

The phrase “When life hands you lemons…” is not always easy to accomplish. When backed into a situation you cannot change it can be difficult not to try and fight back; to defend oneself and one’s character. Sometimes it can backfire. Other times, it can get your point across and turn the situation around.

But sometimes, as difficult as it might be, you have to let go. Let go and move on. Things do not always end the way you expect them to, but focusing on the positive people in your life, the good you have accomplished over time spent and hours worked, can make those deflating moments drift away and not matter.

Of course, there are always lessons to be learned from these seemingly defeating situations. So you take those along with the good memories and move on.

Now is time for family involvement, projects long left to sit on shelves and quality time spent together. I am so happy to be living the life God graciously gave me. I am blessed by all the people in my life and am at peace with my journey so far.

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