Happy Holidays

I just wanted to take out some time and wish everyone out there a very Happy Holiday season! No matter what you celebrate this time of year, I hope it is filled with happy memories, greetings from family and friends and everything you are hoping for.

We will be having Christmas at the new house this year for our families together. It is always so nice when both our families, all those who are closest to us, together. With having such a large family, it isn’t often when Derek’s family can come out and be with mine, so I am always happy when we are all together. Not only because we don’t need to go to two or three houses, but because we’re all together.

My favorite memory of Christmas was when I was little. “St. Nick” would always come and leave a nightgown on our beds on Christmas Eve to wear that night to bed. I always knew that Christmas had really come then, and I still have the last nightgowns that “St. Nick” left me on my bed before I Married Derek. The tradition is still happening here, except that he usually leaves me something a little more revealing than he usually did at my parents house. 😉

Anyone else feel like sharing a Holiday memory? I would love to hear it!

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  1. Happy Holidays to you guys too! Holidays and traditions go hand in hand and the best tradition of them all is like Amanda said, having those that are close to you spend that time together. Friends are special people too. While I regret that I have not met Amanda, Derek by my count has been a friend for 18 years or so, dating back to childhood. Anyways, I’m glad that despite growing older and living adult lives, we can still keep in touch with special friends. Happy Holidays to Derek & Amanda and everyone else out there. And thank you for the holiday card; I’ll be sure to get one to you next year now that I have your new addy! Peace to all!!

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