4 Magical Days – Day 2

Derek had to get up early to go to a 7AM conference.  He left and thought I would be sleeping in, but when he got back he was surprized to see me standing there showered, dresssed, packed and ready to go!  We hopped on two busses and got to our next hotel, the Disney All-Star Sports!  We got there way too early to get our room so we left our bags and headed to the Magic Kingdom! 

It was another perfect day today and we were very comfy walking around in jeans and sweatshirts.  We hit everything we wanted to.  Even did some new stuff we didn’t do the last time like the Speedway (lame) and Philharmagic (AWESOME!!!).  I also went on Space Mountain for the first time ever.  Yes, I know.  I actually didn’t like it too much only because you get very dizzy going around all those curves with the stars spinning too.  I don’t like to be dizzy.  :)  But I am glad that I did it so now I can say that I don’t want to ride it because of that and not because I’m a scardy cat.  😉

Everything was wonderful at the Kingdom and we had a great time!  For dinner we went to Boma, the African buffet at the Animal Kingdom Lodge.  WOW!  It was a wonderful meal with so many different foods and tastes!  We left there stuffed to the gills!  My personal favorites there were the watercress salad, the hummus and of course the desserts!!!  Banana bread pudding with vanilla sauce, chocolate mousse and a coffee flan plus more I can’t remember!  Unbelievable!!

Then we headed back to our new resort and got into our room.  It was very nice!  We had a pool view and since we were staying in the Sports resort, our building had a Baseball theme.  The pool was shaped like a baseball diamond and each base were the stairs at the corners.  Very neat!  We went to bed happy that night, dreaming of EPCOT in the morning!

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  1. Boma so rocks! I didn’t have one item that I didn’t like, and I tried pretty much everything they had. I think we’ve found a new restaurant that we have to visit for all future trips to Disney World!

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