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My Cloth Diapering Journey

Ever since I found out I was pregnant I have wanted to look more into  cloth diapering. And ever since I expressed that interest, I have found people trying to turn me away from this journey. I have heard , “Oh, it’s so much work!” “You’ll never do more laundry!” “They are so difficult to deal with!” “It’s going to be so much more expensive, I looked up cost charts!”

ARG! Every-one’s comments made me believe that this was not the route for me. So I took the easy way out and began using disposables. But lately I’ve been looking at that huge pile in the trash bin and thinking more and more about how all those dirty diapers are going to sit in some landfill for a very long amount of time.

So, thanks to some wonderful Mommas on Twitter (#clothdiapers) and Marissa (@GrowningGreenBums) giving me all sorts of support and information about these products, I have six one size Bum Genius diapers on the way! I honestly am very excited to be trying them out and am DETERMINED to make it work. Not only am I going to be helping our environment, but our family’s budget as well. Being on one salary is working for now, but until I can get into a teaching job again every cent is counted!

I am hoping to find both the time and energy needed to blog this journey of mine with cloth diapers. Hopefully it will inspire other moms like me to do the same! I’ll start my journey officially when the six arrive. I promise to leave out the really messy, gross parts. 😉

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  1. Congrats! You will love it! No running out of diapers in the middle of the night or ever getting out of your pjs to go to the store for them ever:) I love it!

  2. Whoever said they would be more expensive than sposies did not look at the right charts. You can save thousands of dollars with cloth even if you buy the fancy ones. Sure it’s money up front instead of over the months of the year, but in the long run it is definitely the better investment. Not to mention better for the health of that baby bum.

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