Regrets…..I’ve Had A Few

Ok, so I think I owe my In-Laws an apology for coming on so strong about this subject, but on the same note, until you have had an experience like I have in my life it never really seems like it will ever really happen. Anyone out there who has known someone who was killed in a drunk driving accident knows what I mean. It scares me to death that people are still out there doing such a reckless and stupid thing. Ever since Karen Kwiatkowski was killed (my cousins girlfriend at the time, 18 years old in her 6th month at Bonnies, home for a break I think going out with a friend both completely sober at the time) I do not get into a car the same way. I ALWAYS think, “Is this the day it will happen to me? Will I get to where I am going?” It changes you. Makes you think differently. This happened I think about 6 years ago now and I still cry at times about the senseless loss of life that took place that night.

Again, I come on strong on this topic, but there is no taking that night away, no bringing Karen back so she can live out her young life. No taking that panic and pain away that brought me out of a sound sleep to hear my cousin’s voice on the phone, telling me what had happened. I don’t want it to happen again. Not to anyone most of all someone I know and love. So, PLEASE find a way to stop it. Find a way to prevent it, find out what goes on when your loved ones go out to a party. It IS going to make a difference at some point. And I tell you you WILL regret not doing anything thinking it will not happen to you. If it does, there is no taking back that night or day away from your memory either. 🙁

Be Safe…….Be Blessed

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  1. Amanda, I’m sorry to hear about that. Just 10 years ago this October, I lost my cousin in an accident. He had been drinking but turned the keys over to someone else who maybe didn’t have as much. So I know what you’re going through…

    Speaking of this, in Charlotte, NC, there has been a large number of drunk drivers going the wrong way on the Interstates (I-77 and I-85). It’s really scary and there have been several fatalities. There are many in Charlotte who are afraid to drive at night now. I live just south of Charlotte, so it’s really close to home.

    It is completely senseless, as you put it!

  2. I agree Amanda, but at the same time you cant live your life in fear everytime you drive a car. It does not help you out either…. Me:)

  3. It’s not about living in fear everytime you die- It’s about making good decisions about your life- making good choices. I’m not afraid to drive, but I will not ever drive if I’ve been drinking, and I won’t get into the car with someone who has. There are plenty of other ways to get home. I can’t prevent a drunk driver from hitting me again, but I can make sure that it’s not me or someone I love behind the wheel being irresponsible. We can’t always change what comes our way but we CAN make better decisions about our actions… Not only does an expereince like the one Amanda described change your outlook on drinking, it changes your outlook on life. You learn how important it is to make sure the people you love know it, you try your best to never leave someone on a sour note, and you try to give your life meaning- to make sure there is a reason for you to exist and to make sure you mean enough to people for them to care if you were to be taken from them as Karen was.

    And by the way, Hi Amanda…

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