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  1. Let me clarify, I said he could get it if I can get the kitchen remodeled. What’s wrong with that? He said ‘No’ to my kitchen, I said ‘No’ to his car. Besides, who would want to drive that thing in Buffalo? The windows don’t roll up and the doors don’t open!!!

  2. The buyer should have the suspension examined on that car before finalizing the purchase. I seem to recall that the car was airborne quite a bit. Also, the Stars and Bars design on the car is pretty redneck, don’t you agree?

    If the General Lee replica isn’t available, maybe you can pick a Starsky & Hutch 1977(?) Grand Torino replica.

    Personally, I think the Batmobile or the AMC Pacer/Stretch Limo (from Wayne’s World 2) were more interesting movie cars than the Dukes’ ride.

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