Another Busy Weekend

I guess I should clarify on how I perceive busy. Busy to me = not being at home. But it was a fun weekend nonetheless! On Friday we were at Arty’s with the Broadway Fillmore Alive group we are a part of, Saturday was a trip to Rochester for OCHOMON, a yearly picnic with our Rochester friends, then Sunday we went to brunch to celebrate Derek’s brother’s 21st birthday! Thankfully we had time last night to just sit and chill out, get some work done around the house and have the neighbors over for a fire and wine. And they brought cookies too, which was the icing on the cake!! It was a very nice weekend, but now it is Monday and I honestly just ate breakfast (it’s after 1pm) and I was up by 9 this morning! Just what happens when you are busy all weekend I guess!! Off to shower and get more work done!

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