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Hopes Dashed by Scam, AGAIN

So here I am talking to my Mother in our very hot house (86.7 at the moment) and I get a *BEEP*. I hang up with my Mother and find a woman on the other line telling me she is from Primerica, a member of Citigroup, the largest financial institution in the WORLD! She tells me that they are looking to expand their business in Buffalo, she has just received my resume and thinks I would be a great fit for some of the open positions and apologises for the short notice but would I be able to attend an informational meeting tomorrow night at 7PM. Well, seeing that I AM currently looking for work, I immediately get excited albeit a bit concerned seeing that I couldn’t remember if I applied for any position with that company. But I get the information she gives me anyway so I can find the place for tomorrow night and go back to my Mother who of course, is excited about the fact that I got another call from another company.

As I’m talking to my Mother, I begin to think about what this woman told me. And that she really didn’t tell me all that much. I begin to worry that the position she is talking about is really a position selling something or being a telemarketer so I decide to do a little searching. I go on www.iambuffaloniagarajobs.com to see if maybe when I had put up my resume I had actually applied for a job with them. I find zilch. No job postings for Primerica at all. I go and check their website where there is usually an area to check jobs open, nothing.

So then I type in Primerica job opportunities into Google. THIS turns up FIRST in the queue. Why does this always happen to me? Of course I am not going to this “interview” tomorrow, it was exactly as I had feared it would turn out to be. A telemarketing job, no matter what anyone else says on the rebuttal. Who wants to constantly be trying to get their friends and family to be buying something? Especially a something MOST people all ready have!! Another Google result was THIS as I thought with hope that MAYBE something was legit about the company. Notice how they clearly state,

Citigroup – Primerica Financial Services Jobs:
Sorry, currently there are no jobs available.

But this woman had just told me there were “Many new positons opening up in your area!” ????!!!!??

The last time a scam came my way was the “Who’s Who of America’s Teachers”. Again, I felt so privilaged, many of my friends had been in the “Who’s Who of High School Students” and I was proud to have been nominated in a similar ranking. But then I read on……some of my former students had nominated me. Well, I thought, awwwww how nice!! Until I went on-line and read further that only high school seniors could nominate teachers. Ok, fine, unless you do some basic elementary math. My first class of kids was a third grade class in the school year 99-00. I got the letter LAST YEAR. Seeing that they were only in 7th grade at the time I received my letter, SCAM SCAM SCAM!!!!

All I can think of to say at this point is….MIR!!!

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  1. Yuck. Not fun. At least you found out before you wasted any more of your time. I really hate when people call though!

    I have my resume on Career Builder and probably other places, and most of the emails I get are from insurance companies looking for salesmen. Annoying, and not what I want, but at least they are upfront about it.

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