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A few weeks ago I joined the Southtowns Moms meetup group on Meetup.com. I was a little apprehensive about it, seeing that I am on the shier side when I first meet people I don’t know, but I am SOOOO glad I did! I went to the first meeting, introduced myself to some of the women there and when I turned around, Rosanne was standing there! We have gone through both High School and College together, both in choirs and chorus all the time, and keep running into each other since graduating Buff State. It was so great to see her again and meet her daughter! She is actually expecting again in about a week from now, and with my little girl on the way in October, we are looking forward to making play dates with the two of them.

The other Moms I met are really nice too. Yesterday I went to the Zoo with a bunch of them and got to meet some other really nice people as well! One girl is actually good friends with someone we keep in touch with on our blog. Small World syndrome is always amazing to me!

I can’t wait to keep getting together with these ladies and meeting more of them and their children before our baby girl is born. It will be a great way to keep us both busy and out of the house!!

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