Birth Controversy – My Take on VBAC vs. C-Section

Throughout the pregnancy I have been researching and asking Moms, Doctors and Nurses all over the place opinions on this topic. Everywhere you turn you hear another differing opinion depending on which side the person stands on. For example, on my first OB appointment for this baby the first doctor we saw came in told me that I was NOT going to have a VBAC – no how, no way. It was too dangerous, he didn’t think any statistics were true to life and didn’t want me or the baby to be in danger. That was the FIRST thing out of his mouth. I wasn’t even sure if the baby had taken at that point with all the blood work I had to have done. It left me a little disappointed.

Then I saw the Female Doctor at my practice. She said that there was no way I shouldn’t try for a VBAC. That it was so much safer and there was no reason for me NOT to try. She was so supportive I left feeling like it was all possible again.

I looked on-line and found the same confusing information. If you read something from the VBAC supporters they all have “statistics” that say multiple Cesareans are dangerous and unnecessary in most situations. That the rupture rate isn’t big at all and there’s more of a danger in surgery. If you read supporters of Multiple Cesareans they say the opposite about having a VBAC. Rupture rates are higher than previously thought, surgery is safer due to control in bleeding and what happens during the surgery.

Then you go to some blog sites where the opinion is that if you don’t have a VBAC you are doing the wrong thing for yourself and your baby. As if having, or needing a C-Section makes you less of a woman because you are not delivering “naturally”.

I have all the respect in the world for women who can pop out kids without drugs, or at home, without complications. But some of us do have issues that necessitate surgery. Ariella was in ‘Arrested Decent’ when I pushed for 4 hours trying to birth her. Everything else went naturally for me, dilating, contractions. But my hips were not separated enough to allow her head to descend into the birth canal. They could see her trying, but she couldn’t turn even after 4 hours. She was in no danger, thankfully, her heart rate stayed up the entire time – what a trooper! And when they finally said it was time to have the Cesarean I was devastated – this was not the way it was supposed to go! But my Doctor had given me plenty of time to try and do what Mother Nature intended, it just didn’t work. What else could I do? I was exhausted, and the baby was not coming!

So with this one, ALL 5 Doctors who I have been seeing throughout the pregnancy agree that it is safer and necessary to schedule this surgery. All of them are supportive of my trying for a VBAC, even with my previous history. However, when the Female Doc, who was SO pro-VBAC in that first appointment with her also said she thought I would most likely end up having another C-Section anyway, I knew that was it for me.

Do I want surgery? NO WAY! Who does? But I do want my baby to be delivered safely and not go through unnecessary stress. I also don’t want to go through the disappointment that I went through last time, no matter how selfish that sounds. I cried for 2 hours the other night when I received all the information about surgery prep. I am a nervous wreck sometimes when I think about it. But this baby has to be born somehow and this is how it is going to have to be.

I also received information about donating my placenta during the birth. It contains Aminon, which can promote healing after certain surgeries, (such as eye or dental) and is also used in neurological reconstructive procedures. The ONLY time a woman can donate this is during a C-Section. So I feel blessed to be able to possibly help someone in this way. My surgery is not only birthing my baby girl, but also allowing me to help someone in need out there in the world.

I just wish that some of the home birth/natural birth advocates would keep in mind that there are Mamas out there who have one reason or another to have surgery to birth their babies. It’s not always inept Doctors making bad decisions for the Mother or baby. Some choose Cesareans on their own, but it doesn’t matter how you birth your child – you are STILL a Mama!

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