South Park references abound

I get such a kick out of seeing bloggers using South Park references in their posts.

Alan did it talking about the BMHA.

Craig did it in his post about the Peace Bridge.

I’m sure there’s more than these, but I’m just starting to weave through the web of weblogs out there.

South Park’s predecessor, the short “The Spirit of Christmas,” circulated the net when I was in college. In fact, I created one of the original Spirit of Christmas Desktop Themes (I’m pretty sure nobody uses those anymore). None of us geeks-in-training at RIT could believe it when Comedy Central announced that they were going to turn it into a weekly program. But ever since it did come on the air, I’ve been a pretty dedicated follower of the show.

So comparing the process of building a new Peace Bridge to the work of the Underpants Gnomes is so funny… and so true!

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  1. The underpants gnomes have become the illustration of choice for anyone who wants to lightheartedly illustrate economically, um, questionable projects. Thanks for the mention.

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