Definitely Buffalo featured on Buffalo Rising

My mom’s cousin’s store, Definitely Buffalo in Main Place Mall, is featured today on Buffalo Rising! Joan and her husband, Chuck, are both great people. They also own the Deer Head Inn on Clinton Street in West Seneca. It’s one of those great small, neighborhood, family-owned and operated restaurants. They have excellent steaks, turkey, fish fries, and more!

Joan and Chuck have also been kind enough to donate tables and chairs they were no longer using at the restaurant to the Terminal. They’re great Buffalonians! Be sure to patronize their places of business!

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  1. I love that one of the first comments on BRO was requesting her to move to Allentown or Elmwood. It’s like a broken record over there…

    Anyhow, Joan is a great lady who I got to know during Buffalo Old Home Week. She set up a table at our Sunday brunch to sell her wares and I stop in to chat with her all the time. She’s a great lady and a pillar of downtown. I’ll stop at her restaurant next time I’m in West Seneca.

  2. You guys are related to everybody!

    I’ve known Joan since her days to Berger’s…when Chrissy worked as the Berger’s Bear.

    Joan is an awesome woman and I am going to feature her store on this week’s (Dec. 6th) Buffalostyle.

    Spread the word and tune in!

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