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Can you sue a road?

BuffaloPundit today takes on the issue of people suing to stop the Southtowns Connector.

I laugh at the standard comments, such as “By the way I think it is quite quaint that you think the residents of Hamburg and Lackawanna should have any say in what Buffalo would like to do with its water front.” Interesting. Do these commenters live on Furhman Boulevard? Do they live on the waterfront? If we’re going to make all issues “hyperlocal” then I propose that nobody that lives more than one mile away from a particular point of discussion be allowed to comment on it.

Or then again, maybe people that acutally use a road should have some say in it’s future.

For the record, I no longer live in Hamburg or travel Route 5 regularly. Apologies to those who were looking forward to another year’s worth of disproving the winter myths of Buffalo’s “most despised” bridge.

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