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Apparently, the entire Hamburg Town Board is comprised of individuals who believe everything they get in their email inbox.

In the resolution passed unanimously by the board, all town residents are asked to boycott Exxon Mobil. It also includes a directive that no town owned vehicles used Exxon Mobil. Councilwoman Hochul says profits recorded by Exxon Mobil last year, a record 36 billion, have impacted many local residents.

from WGRZ

Vertebrae questions as to how many Mobil stations there really are in the town. I’m thinking there should be an anti-boycott. If you don’t normally buy your gas at one of the Hamburg Mobil stations, start now to offset any potential impact that this inane resolution might have on Hamburg businesses.

I hope to God that Supervisor Walters comes out with a statement against this inane resolution. What’s next – removing Mountain Dew from town vending machines? Creating a townwide email list for Microsoft’s “email beta-test”? New revenue stream! (Don’t tell Giambra.)

The only thing I’ll be boycotting are the current bunch of town board members.

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