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Hamburg says… follow that spam!

In what may be one of the stupidest governmental resolutions yet… right from my own backyard:

Hamburg councilwoman Kathy Hochul says the town is hoping to make a statement to big oil companies by targeting one of them with a gas boycott.

She says town vehicles will not be refilling gas tanks at any Exxon-Mobil stations, and they are urging residents to do the same. Hochul tells WBEN’s Neil McManus they don’t want to hurt small business people, but want to send a message to the major oil companies, which are reporting record, multi-billion dollar profits.

Great! We’ve resorted to governing by urban legend.

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  1. The lack of economic literacy is always distressing, but particularly so when it comes from our “leaders” who should know better. The only ones hurt by Hochul’s idiotic “solution” are the independent owners of those stations who are already getting a very small cut of the sale price of gas as it is. Now they will get even less. Is she planning on feeding their kids?

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