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Twittering myself and others since 2008

Ok, I figured since my job really requires that I stay up on all this new web technology stuff, I’d jump into the whole Twitter “microblogging” thing. Probably a good thing for me since I don’t blog as much as I would like to. It’s much quicker to write something that’s 140 characters or less. Plus, I don’t need to come up with a good ending (my blogging Achilles heel).

Thanks to Jennifer, I also hopped on the Buffalo Tweetup site. They have meets, kind of like the old Bloggercons. An evolution of the Bloggercon, perhaps? I dunno.

I’m just a bit confused about the whole terminology thing. I have a Twitter account. If I write something on Twitter, it’s called a “tweet”. Tweet can also be used as a verb, for example, “I tweeted about my latest blog entry.” Of course, that probably has it’s own term, like “twog”. Oh crap, then if I blog about tweeting, am I “bleeting”? Maybe I’d better turn this thing off before it’s too late.

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