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No toll, but surely slow!

Well, it certainly felt good to not have the EZPass log another toll for me on my way home today, but it certainly made for one heck of a traffic slowdown! Heading southbound at the Black Rock barrier, only the left two toll lanes remained open, which is fine because those were the two “higher speed” (20 MPH) EZ Pass only lanes, and I don’t think we’d want the traffic fanning out to all the lanes and then try to merge back in at once. I’m not sure if it was the state troooper parked there, the myriad of flashing yellow light construction trucks doing… something, or the fact that everyone really wanted to savor driving past the booths without paying, but everyone apparently felt the need to slow down to 2 MPH as they went through. Even the northbound side was crawling along past the toll booths, moreso than normal. Hopefully that clears up as people adjust to the fact they don’t have to stop anymore, although I have my doubts.

I’m putting out a wager right now that the abandoned toll booths will cause more accidents than the Skyway this winter. Who’s in?

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