Bauerle FUD

I didn’t get a chance to listen to Bauerle’s FUD today, but BuffaloPundit did.

Tom Bauerle is badmouthing Buffalo Old Home Week and therefore badmouthing Buffalo and Western New York as a good place to live.

Why? Because we suck and we’re an economic desert.

The point, you mulleted prick, is that we’re accentuating the positives about Buffalo and counteracting the myth that Buffalo is nothing but an economic wasteland. Because it’s not. There are jobs here. You can stop by Pearl Street today with a resume and maybe even get one.

The WBEN talk show hosts typically are preaching to the choir, as their audience is primarily made up of people that like to bitch about Buffalo. I find it the most interesting when they strike upon a topic that may make the host change their mind, like when Ron Dobson talked about the East Side a couple weeks ago and was schooled by a steady stream of callers that were pro-East Side.

The only way to counteract Bauerle FUD and the like is to attack them on their own turf. Call in and set them straight when you think they’re wrong. It certainly makes their shows more interesting when they have to defend their positions.

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