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Camping cut short

We cut our camping trip down to the Allegheny National Forest short as we got drenched by rain again. That’s two camping trips this year, two rain-soaked adventures. Kinda sucks because it rained a grand total of what… three times this summer? With Amanda starting her new job on Monday, we didn’t want to sit around in the rain for four days, so we figured we’d just come home.

On our way home we managed to find five out of eight geocaches, so the trip wasn’t a waste! Two we gave up on due to poor GPS coverage and/or hiking conditions, and one Ranger Station Micro we simply could not locate. There’s a high concentration of geocaches down in that area, so we may need to take another trip down in the fall to try again.

Monday we drove down to the Grove City outlet mall in PA so Amanda could augment her wardrobe. Proving that you can geocache pretty much everywhere you go, we even managed to find “Serenity at the Mall” as we left.

I’m still catching up on what’s going on the in blogosphere, but it’s good to see that the paving project has finally begun at the Central Terminal. We’ll also be having a cleanup there this Sunday from 10-2 to prepare for the Train Show on Sunday 9/10. There’s also a tour of the Terminal on Saturday at 9:30am as part of Buffalo Old Home Week.

And of course, don’t forget about Bloggercon V: Oktoberfest!

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