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Oktoberfest photos and shoutouts

Sorry I didn’t get to this sooner, but I needed a bit of a break after Oktoberfest and the Bills game Sunday. I was glad to see so many of you fellow bloggers on Saturday! I got to meet a couple new ones, including Deeva from the 716 (whom I thank for introducing me to BubbleShare) and my “nemesis” Gabe! (his words not mine!) 🙂 I understand from reading Mr. In da Buff that there were quite a few more that I didn’t get the chance to meet, and I apologize. It was quite the busy night for us CTRCers and we needed to keep it running smoothly. Other than the temporary beer outage (damn you bloggers drink a lot!) it went really well! I’ll try to not be involved at all in the operation of the next one so I can sit around and just shoot the shit. In addition to those mentioned above, it was great to see Mike, Scotty, Kevin and Val, Alan, Elly, El Bloviator, Red, Jennifer, Amy, Michele, Marc, and of course, Mike! I missed Jen14221 and David Torke, about which I’m still bummed!

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  1. Somehow I knew someone would catch on to BubbleShare 🙂

    Great pics! It was a good time, and it was nice to meet all you guys.

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