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Windy, but tolerable

Red reminded me of something I wanted to mention here. It was damn windy yesterday. I drove over the Skyway on my way home. It certainly blew the car around a bit. I would imagine those going over the Grand Island bridges had about the same experience. So did those using the 90E/290W interchange. Or the 290W/190S interchange.

But, you know what? The Skyway wasn’t closed. There were no reports of vehicles getting blown off it. Life went on.

Winter ’06-’07 Skyway closings so far… 0

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  1. I realize that this doesn’t go here but I didn’t know where else to put it (look alike category?)
    Every time I pop over to this site, I see the picture of Derek and immediately think of a younger Dan Akryod.

    There… i said it.

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