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Verizon FTTP coming to me!

Awwww yeah! Business First reports that Hamburg and Orchard Park are going to be the first WNY areas that Verizon will be instituting it’s Fiber To The Premises service. Last year they ran what I assumed to be fiber to the pole on the corner of my lot, at which point the lines go underground, so while I’m not currently on the available list, I’m sure I will be soon. My big worry was that it was going to be well outside my price range, but the Verizon FiOS page surprisingly says that prices start at $34.95/mo – the same price that I pay for DSL (and still $20/mo less than Adelphia Powerlink)! I can’t wait to see what inane ads the Adelphia swines will try to come up with to counter this. “Are you really going to trust your internet connection to a little beam of light?” Oh yes.

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  1. Awesome! “Little beam of light”? That’s what your telephone most likely runs on as well as the Internet backbone… I work for a Telecom and we’re starting to do FTTP. Would like to get it at my place! Hope it works out for you.

  2. Exactly! I remember seeing a RoadRunner commercial where one of the user statements was “Either use a small phone line or a thick cable line. Which one do you think’s faster”?

    Arrgghhh… The phone line has 4-8 smaller lines inside of it compared to the one small line running inside the cable line!! 🙂

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