Time Warner Cable. Confused.

You know all those Time Warner Cable commercials that proclaim a laundry list of reasons why they’re better than satellite? Oh how they loved to boast about “no long term contracts.” It even says so in their FAQ on Cable vs. Satellite:

Q: Cable vs. Satellite

Here are some of the advantages of choosing cable over satellite:

No Annual Contracts – If you’re not satisfied with your Time Warner Cable service at any time, we’ll disconnect your service, no questions asked and no early termination fees. Satellite companies routinely require long term commitments in order to qualify for certain packages. Early termination may result in a fee being charged directly to your credit card.

Then why does the flyer I just received “Introducing price lock guarantee” seem to follow the “evil” satellite provider model?

If qualifying service(s) is terminated prior to the end of the 24 month commitment period, a prorated early termination fee of up to $150 will apply. Price Lock Guarantee program will automatically renew for up to one additional 24 month commitment period unless customer contacts Time Warner Cable to cancel automatic renewal of program prior to the end of the initial 24 month term.

When I had DirecTV, my contract was for 1 year, not two, and it didn’t automatically renew. So by my calculation, Time Warner’s new program is 400% suckier than satellite.

Oh, and at $109.95/month, it’s not even that great a deal. Last month, my combined Time Warner cable/internet and Verizon Voicewing service came to $118.18, including taxes and the extras like the HD DVR. I can guarantee those extra fees are going to total more than $9 when tacked onto this new package, so once again Time Warner – you lose. Should have made it $99.99 and the deal would have actually looked somewhat attractive.

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