We love the Sabres so much…

… that before we left on our vacation last Sunday, I went out and bought an XM satellite radio so we could listen to the Sunday afternoon game vs. the Rangers on our drive to destination #1 – Rehoboth Beach/Lewes, Delaware. Ok, there’s a little more backstory there. Amanda had been looking at getting satellite radio for a little while. She hates commercials, and won’t listen to regular radio. Since our anniversary was upcoming while we were going to be on our trip… and with the pending important game that I knew we were going to miss since we’d be driving at the time, I thought I’d get it for her as an anniversary gift.

Ok, so it was a slightly self-serving gift, but she loves it nonetheless. It worked extremely well for all the driving we did (1300 miles worth). Every time the Sabres scored in that final round 2 victory, we honked a “let’s go Buf-fa-lo!” Unfortunately, the same didn’t work during the Saturday night double overtime loss, which happened as I was unloading the car late Saturday night having just returned from Pennsylvania Dutch/Amish Country & Fallingwater.

The odds are certainly stacked against the Sabres, but we can’t forget that regardless of the outcome of our cup pursuit, this was the most successful year the Sabres ever had. We might just have to save Stanley for next year.

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