“Blogroll” updated

I know it’s kind of customary as a blogger to have a “blogroll”, or a list of links to other blogs. It’s the whole social networking thing. I’ve been thinking for awhile about how I wanted to set mine up, which is why I haven’t been adding links to my section on the right over there. At work, I follow a whole bunch of geeky related blogs, and for the time being I’ve decided not to add them to my list because I tend to only read them at work because… well… they’re work related and generally I keep my work and home lives fairly separated. Pretty much all the sites I have listed in my newly renamed “Derek reads…” section I follow from home, work, and my Treo depending on where I’m at. I will of course add and remove sites from time to time, because I’m always finding new ones I like and getting bored with others, and I hate to just link to 1000 different sites just because they exist. So, the category is aptly named – these are the sites I actually do read. If you’re not on the list, leave a comment. I’ll give it a read too.

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