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Higgins says scrap the Southtowns Connector

Straight from WNYMedia.net, Congressman Higgins says that the Southtowns Connector project should be scrapped.

“The Southtowns Connector project should be scrapped. It’s the longest running, most expensive transportation project in this region that hasn’t produced one public improvement, nor has it produced one construction or trades job. The fact of the matter is it never developed as it was supposed to have been, and that was to remove traffic from the waterfront area and move it inland and it included the Skyway and a number of other things and that was revised down.

It sounds to me like tearing down the Skyway is no longer in the forefront of his plan to redevelop the waterfront. The much scaled down goal now is to support the people’s will to establish public access to the waterfront and let private development develop the area as the demand for it grows.

I think that’s the best idea I’ve heard from the Congressman’s mouth yet.

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