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David Tejada – Small Strobes Big Results Buffalo

David Tejada brought his Small Strobes Big Results workshop to Buffalo, courtesy of Buffalo’s best wedding photographers – Nickel City Studios. The shooting part of the afternoon was held at the Central Terminal, and since I was their liason to the building, I also was able to take part in the workshop. What a great time! I learned quite a bit that I now need to process and practice with. It’s just amazing how you can transform a snapshot into a great photograph, all by adjusting the lighting.

Tejada would set up the shot and the lighting and walk us through his process of composing the whole thing, then let us trigger the strobes with our own cameras and take the shots ourselves. Here’s two of my favorite shots from the day.

“Leaving” – The Setup:
(simple wall bounce)

(I desaturated the final shot and cut the background completely to greyscale)

“Information” – The Setup:
(Overhead softbox, reflector below, side lights)

(Straight out of the camera – no adjustment needed!)

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  1. Hi Derek: Thanks for the shout out about the workshop. Thanks so much for allowing us the opportunity to shoot at Central Terminal. I had a blast, we all got some great shots.

    If you won’t mind, could you send me some images of me instructing. I can’t take those sorts of photos myself and I would like to use a few on my website if possible. Thanks. DT

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