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Joe Cecconi’s Chrysler Sucks

Mr. BuffaloGeek has been having a horrible bit of trouble with Joe Cecconi’s Chrysler trying to get a second key which was never given to him when he purchased the car.

Ironically, I was reading his post on my Treo in the waiting area of West Herr Subaru, where in addition to having the WRX get it’s 15,000 mile service, I was picking up the second key that I never got when I purchased the car. When I picked up my car nearly a year ago, the service department was out of spare key fobs, so they agreed to give me one when they got some in. I hadn’t needed to go back to the dealership until now, so when I scheduled the appointment last week (via the internet – yay! I love anyone that allows you to schedule appointments via the internet!) I noted that I was still owned a key.

When BuffaloGeek requested his second key, he got this response:

Upon arrival, I asked to speak with Clyde Van Every (the sales manager who was ducking my calls earlier). He deigned to speak with me and I requested his assistance in following up on his promise to give me my second key. He initially agreed, but was interrupted by Mike Jensen (the dealership’s general manager). I was then informed that he mailed my key to me last month and that I should go back home and “give a good look around for it”.

When I asked for mine, I got this response:

Please bring all of your keys and fobs so they can be programmed together
when we add that new fob.

Same issue, but that’s how two different dealerships handled it. Perhaps Geek can get the WNYMedia.net crew down to do a piece on Joe Cecconi’s Chrysler Complex on Military Road in Niagara Falls. There hasn’t been a good fruit rally in awhile, maybe someone should go dress up like one of these and dance around in front of the dealership for awhile:

Joe Cecconi's Chrysler Sucks

I’d also recommend Geek contact West Herr Chrysler Jeep, relate his story to them, and see if they can help at all. They might not throw him a free key, but it can be surprising what a company will do to win your business, especially after another one slights you so very badly.

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  3. I want to say I completley understand how this man feels about Cecconnies Chrysler complex as I had a similiar experience with them. I will say the parts manager was wonderful and great to work with. But the service writer a large man with a polish name and the short service manager were the most ignorant and unhelpful people I ever met. They did tried to make me feel like I was a thief, that I was asking them to ie and cheat the company even after the HOME company service representative talked to them directly and they denied her instructions. She called me to oppologize personally because she said with all the thousnads of dealerships she works with Cecconis was the worst and was shccked at their response to even her request!
    This dealership is struggling and others that work there stated to me that they have heard the same complaints about the service manager and how he is costing them sales and parts sales.
    I am local and like to do business locally but I do my business at Sheridan Chrysler in Buffal because they treat people as customers not trash and will buy from them when I am ready.
    Mike Jensen should open his eyes and get rid of these two employees before they cost the dealership any more sales. I am stating this as my opinion and being disgraced as a customer looking for help. Keep in mind I was directed by Chrysler Head quarters service center to go there and how to handle the situation and this is how Cecconis responded. I say Cecconis because these two individuals represent them and are the worst example of customer service and confidence in a dealership..
    Kew Warner

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