Summer in January

Ahh…. nothing like 60s in January. You gotta love the Buffalo weather! The break in the temperature allowed me to do two things – grill a steak for dinner Tuesday, and finish installing my second garage door opener. My Dad and I had previously ran the electric, the door control, and the safety sensors. Monday night I assembled the opener, Tuesday my Dad came over and we hung it. Other than a brief overheating incident while repeatedly opening and closing it, trying to get the adjustments correct, it was no trouble at all. Garage door openers are actually one of the easier DIY projects, provided you can easily get electricity to it and you have two people.

Other fun this week included getting Polio and Typhoid shots, and a prescription for anti-malaria pills, as I’m headed to India and China later this year. To be sure, there will be many photos taken!

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