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Birthday Trip

For my birthday this year we decided to take a drive down to Watkins Glen. The trip ended up being three parks – we stopped at Stony Brook for lunch on the way down, then to Watkins Glen, then at Letchworth on the way back. We dodged a lot of rain, but stayed dry and had a really good time.

I’ve got a lot of great photos (and video) but I still need to go through them. So here’s the quick family snapshots.

Ariella and Daddy at Stony Brook

The Punaros at Watkins Glen

Ariella and Mommy at Watkins Glen

Ariella and Daddy in the Big Chair at Letchworth

The Punaros at Letchworth

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  1. Oh, these are great! Won’t you please ask Amanda to bring Ariella in for a little visit? Maybe on Wednesday (so Ruthann can meet them too)?

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