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Geek Inventory

This weekend I’m focusing on unpacking the various boxes of stuff that should go in my office. Being the family geek means I accumulate quite a collection of computer pieces, cables, and other things to hang on my utility belt. So far I’ve uncovered:

  • 8 Keyboards (1 USB, 5 PS2, and 2 AT)
  • 6 Mice (5 PS2, 1 COM port)
  • 10 power cables
  • 14 network cables
  • 2 parallel cables
  • 1 AT extension cable
  • 2 old Palm Pilots (a III and a V)
  • 3 unusable cell phone chargers
  • 30 100MB Zip disks, and a parallel port Zip drive
  • 2 PCI network adaptors
  • 2 video cards
  • 1 56k internal modem
  • 1 ISA internal radio card (I loved that thing!)
  • More 3.5″ floppies than I care to count
  • 3 usable monitors
  • 1 spare fully functioning PC running Windows ME

That’s not counting the stuff that’s actually in use or hooked up (2 PCs, 2 laptops) or the stuff I’m saving for my “museum” – an Apple IIc (with green monochrome monitor), Tandy TRS-80, 286, 386, and a 486.

I may throw a couple things out.

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  1. You sir, are a pack rat. Are you ever going to make use of all that junk or are you just working on violating the fire codes?

  2. Someone FINALLY agrees with me!! I ask Derek this all the time and I can hardley get him to move all this crap into the attic. 🙂

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