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Bashar Issa visits the Central Terminal

Word travels fast in the blogosphere, as Buffalo Rising already has a story on Bashar Issa’s visit to the Central Terminal on Friday.

Bashar Issa spent over two hours yesterday touring the Central Terminal on Buffalo’s East Side – the same time we were touring the DL&W. Why? Because he is fascinated with the city’s architectural gems. I asked Bashar what his thoughts were… whether the building piqued his interest enough to purchase it and he said, “I like challenges… and the Central Terminal is a challenge.” I then asked him what he would do if he were to purchase it and he responded, “That’s the big question… what do you think Buffalonians would like to see there? We spent the good part of the day discussing opportunities.” The conversation led to Bashar asking what BRO viewers would suggest…

Mike Miller was one of the people who met with Mr. Issa on Friday and will have a firsthand accounting of the meeting and his impressions of Bashar Issa on Monday. Keep an eye on Shades of Gray for the story.

Update: Mike’s story is now online.

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