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People Are Strange – a Lunch Conversation at Work

I can say that with much confidence seeing that in our senior year in high school, of all the tons of pictures that my friends and I handed in to be a part of the senior video, they put most of ours in while that song was playing. The rest of the people I hardly knew and could have cared less about.

My point is, that everyone is different and we each think that some things the rest of us do, are strange. One genre of life that this can be most seen in, is food. I mean in eating food, not just food laying around in general. 🙂

For example, at work the other day we were sitting in the cafe eating and we asked our co-worker what she had ordered for lunch. She said, “A BLT.” We all nodded and continued eating when a moment later someone asked her, “Where’s the T?” She replied, “I don’t like T, so I don’t get T on there.”

Now we were stumped. “Well then it’s not a BLT.” someone else replied. “It’s got C (cheese) on it!” someone else exclaimed. To which the woman promptly took off the top bun to her “BLT” and took all the lettuce off. “Now you’ve gone and taken all the ‘L’ off!” I exclaimed. “Yeah, I don’t like L. It tastes like dirt.” “Then why do you get it on there?” We asked. “I don’t want to make the ladies feel bad.”

“How do you order that?” we all wanted to know. “I ask for a BLT without the T and with C.” This was all very normal for her, but the rest of us were laughing at this point. “So basically you have grilled cheese with bacon on it.” I said. “Nope, bread’s toasted.” she replied. “So how do they melt the C?” Someone else asked. “Put it over the bacon.” she said.

“So when you order that, you order a ‘BCL’ on toast?” I asked. “Nah,” she answered, “that would just confuse them.”

Of course then the conversation got really intense as everyone started to examine how they liked their food. Some people don’t like ANY of their food touching while others just mash it all together. Now I’m sure that somewhere out there in psychology-land there is a book devoted to “Getting to know who you really are by the way you eat your food” but for me, I just like feeling safe in a world where some people are just strange. And they are happy that way.


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  1. You reminded me of the difficulty I have when ordering a “cheeseburger with lettuce only”. What usually arrives is a hamburger with lettuce(where’s the cheese?). If I don’t include the word “only”, I will get a cheeseburger with lettuce and whatever other standard goo they throw on it.

    Sorry, not all that strange, just a sandwich-related peeve.

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