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Captain of the Aquarama

Since not everyone may read the comments, I’m promoting this one to the main page. If you can help Mr. York, please drop him an email.

My father was the Captain of the Aquarama, his name was Captain James E. York . I would like to know if there is anybody that knew who he was.

Dan York

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  1. Greetings Dan,

    I will ask the current owner of th ship, about what he knows and what memorabilia he may have. Your Father was probably captain, when I rode the ship as a small 7 year old lad on occassions. It would be good to see the ship like new again.

  2. How can I contact the owners to express an intrest in being employed on the ship once she is completely rehab’d? I fell in love with her while docked here in Buffalo. My imagination ran wild while it was docked here. I would love to be a part of its rebirth. Thanks

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