Borders coming to Orchard Park

According to a sign posted along Milestrip Road, Borders will be coming to the southtowns with a new store at Quaker Crossing. I have conflicting feelings on this. I’m glad that the southtowns will finally have something to fill the gap left by the closing of Media Play and Sam Goody. Unfortunately, it’s a new build when there are plenty of currently vacant and soon-to-be-vacant buildings in Hamburg that could have been reused instead.

At least I won’t have to drive all the way to Galleria anymore, although dinner at Smokey Bones makes that trip worthwhile. Luckily BW’s is pretty close to Quaker Crossing. Mmm…. Borders and BW’s, books and barbeque… savory alliteration!

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  1. I used to eat at BW’s, but stopped going there when they started charging fifty cents extra for a one- or two-ounce cup of BBQ sauce. I mean, really, that’s completely ridiculous and entirely unreasonable, a policy created by someone with an utterly bizarre take on customer relations.

    I will not give a money-grubbing, nickel-and-diming restaurant any of my business.

    Restaurants like Smokey Bones and Buffalo Wild Wings will put the BBQ sauce bottle right on the table at no charge, and you can have as much as you want, which is why I’ll keep going back to those two restaurants and will never again set foot in BW’s.

    Also, a side note on BW’s… they have take-out service, and of all the times I’ve gone there to get take out, not ONCE did they get the order right. Every single time, they left something out, almost always something that was paid for, like someone’s dinner, or an order or fries, or something. They obviously put order accuracy and customer service on the absolute bottom rung of priority.

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