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Aquarama rubble

The author of the YouTube video I posted in my last Aquarama post directed me towards another of his videos. The end of this video shows two shots of the Aquarama/Marine Star being scrapped in Aliaga, Turkey. It truly is no more.

This pretty much closes the book on the Aquarama. Since we now have a new pile of junk sitting in the Aquarama’s former place on the outer harbor, perhaps we can get Buffalo ReUse to expand and deconstruct floating buildings?

Aquarama aground in Aliaga, Turkey

(reverse angle – you can still see the stripe on the side of the hull)
Aquarama being scrapped in Aliaga, Turkey

Here’s his tribute video:

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  1. I used to see the Aquarama when it was tied up in Sarnia for few years. I will have to look around but I think I took several photos of it up there.

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