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Bring It Back To Life show @ Club Paradise

Amanda and I met up with John, Lauren, Chris, Allison, Suzy, Dave, and Sue and went to the Bring It Back To Life show Saturday night. Also spotted were Steven and RagingTaxpayer from SpeakupWNY.com. The show was great as always. The crowd size was a bit disappointing.

We got to talk to Christina and Scott of Breakerbox for a few minutes after. They were appreciative of the fact that Amanda and I were the only two out there dancing. Listen – you need to check out this band. They have the potential of being the next Goo Goo Dolls. Go to their website, buy the Bring It Back To Life CD, and pick up their five track promo CD at one of their shows.

Next show is March 24th @ Nietzsche’s. Write it down!

UPDATE: See some video from Saturday night, care of WNYMedia.net.

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  1. Derek –

    It was pleasure meeting you and your lovely wife.
    Even though we didn’t dance, we really enjoyed the music.
    I’m looking forward to your next fundraiser .. keep us posted.


  2. Derek, I am planning on going to the March 24th show. I’ll see if I can talk Sara and the others into making it another CTRC party!

    Why don’t you post the recap of the party on our website? It may draw some extra folks to the next show…

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