Punaro Glen Construction: End of October

Dirty Deeds

We have a loan! Yay! Yay? Yes, it’s a good thing – no loan, no house. Everyone will tell you that every step in building a house takes longer than you expect, and I will be no different. We picked our builder in the beginning of June, submitted our loan application July 2nd, and closed on October 25th. Four months is probably longer than this should have taken, but it was pretty much each step taking a little longer than it needed to rather than one big delay.

Now with that behind us… framing has started! Might have some weather to contend with later this week, but the framing crew should be going full force for 2-3 weeks. Here is us being happy…

Amanda and Derek and the start of framing

Now is the exciting part! I might even have to start titling blog posts by week or *gasp* day!

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